ME uses controlled-intensity technology allowing all fitness levels to generate the perfect intensity required to teach the body to be a fat burner.

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This Hormonal effect can lead to a significant metabolic advantage even after the exercise session is over.

Metabolic Effect’s Personal Training Seminar & Certification (in-person) provides a unique approach to training clients one-on-one or in small, semi-private sessions of 4 people or less. This one-day seminar teaches the trainer how to deliver an effective fat-burning workout using ME’s signature Rest-based Training (RBT) technology. Included in this certification are a variety of tools and techniques that the trainer can use to elicit the fat burning effect with their clients. In this seminar and certification, you will learn:

- The unique science of hormonal fat loss characteristic of all ME workouts
- How to deliver the 30-minute short-duration, Rest-based Training (RBT) workout exclusively designed for fat loss
- Unique drills and protocols to use with clients to elicit a superior fat burning response
- ME’s signature movements, including hybrids, chains and compounds
- How to personal train clients using new and novel cardiovascular techniques
- How to safely motivate and generate intensity using unique ME motivational training principles
- How to understand your client’s personality and use it to adjust your coaching for best results.


It combines unique movement patterns, sprint drills, and short rest periods; creating a caloric after-burn for hours and days after the workout.

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The Metabolic Effect uses the concept of density by cramming a very large volume of exercise into a short period of time.


What Is It?
The Metabolic Effect Indoor Group Exercise Class is the original Rest Based Training Format for group exercise and personal training which is like no other in the industry. The workout is a 30 minute dumbbell based metabolic conditioning class. You will learn how to switch on key hormones in the body to force it to burn fat and not store it. The rest based format allows people of all levels of fitness to benefit from this hormonal fat burning class, whether they are 20 or 70!

Why Is It Better?
The Metabolic Effect addresses the true science of fitness & Health. ME is based on
cutting edge research in the worlds of natural medicine, endocrinology, strength and
conditioning. It focuses on getting the clients to rest as much in the workout as possible,
therefore making this workout suitable for all ages and abilities.

Advantage To You?
The Metabolic Effect offers members the best of all worlds. A dense, highly productive
workout, convenience in scheduling and the added benefit that clients know they are
getting cutting edge fitness technology tailored to their goals and needs.


me is the new you - metabolic effect

What you will learn?

- The science of Metabolic Effect and why REST is the aim of the class
- The key hormones that you must have working for you in order for fat burning to occur
- The specially designed exercises that allow you to create the Metabolic Effect
- The Unique Structure of the Metabolic Effect Class

What is included in the course?

- Full course materials including manual as well as online theory and practical videos
- 12 REPs points on successful completion of the course
- License free music that you are free to download and use for your classes after certification
- Access to our database of marketing materials upon certification